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Name Wikipedia
Farm Wikimedia
Language Multilingual
Founder Jimmy Wales
Admins 1,400
User 21,900,000
Pages 33,400,000
Files 834,000
Adoption no
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Wikipedia [ˌvɪkiˈpeːdia] is a online-encylopedia in many languages. It is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

History Edit

The first Wikipedia was started in English by Jimmy Wales on 2001/01/15. It's the most used wiki in the internet. On the May, 07 2014 Wikipedia was the sixth most visited sites of the world's.

Statistics Edit

Today, the English Wikipedia is the biggest online-encylopedia of the internet with over 33,400,000 pages with 4,500,000 articles, 834,000 uploaded files like images and audio files. Also it have 1,400 Administrator and up to 21,900,000 user. [1]

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