iSC Pedia 2.0
Name iSC Pedia 2.0
Farm Google Sites
Language German [1]
Founder Suriyaa Kudo [2]
Admins 1
User over 3
Pages over 100
Files nothing
Images some images
Videos nothing
Adoption no
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iSC Pedia 2.0 was started when the founder realized that working on a project alone does not help very well. So he started first with the help from Google on Google Sites.

History Edit

At that time he started with the paper and collected information anywhere and publish it in big files for his family, friends and his company. On 2011 he started at Google Sites a online website, unfortunately several disadvantages sites: no content (information), blank pages, not in the wikisystem MediaWiki and a long domain address. He called it iSC Pedia 2.0.[3] A new problem has been detected and not resolved. It is reaching of many people who speak many other languages than German. So Suriyaa started one year later the "iSC Pedia 3.0" projects in more than one language.

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