This iSC Pedia site collects all Interwiki links of all iSC Pedia 3.0 projects @ Wikia.

About this Edit

An interwiki link is a link to another wiki. Interwiki links are shortcuts which prevent the need to use the full URL, and simplify the maintenance of links if a wiki later changes its address.

List Edit

Top-Interwikis Edit

Lang code Interwiki Language Number of users Number of articles
Germany Austria Switzerland de.isc-pedia German 13,051,264 over 400
United States of America United Kingdom(Great Britain) isc-pedia English 13,051,264 10
Spain es.isc-pedia Spanish 13,051,264 0
France Switzerland fr.isc-pedia French 13,051,264 0
Italy it.isc-pedia Italian 13,051,264
Japan ja.isc-pedia Japanese 13,051,264
Netherlands nl.isc-pedia Nederlands 13,051,264 0
Norway no.isc-pedia Norwegian 13,051,264
Poland pl.isc-pedia Polish 13,051,264
Portugal pt.isc-pedia Portuguese 13,051,264
Brazil pt-BR.isc-pedia Brazilian Portuguese 13,051,264
Russian Federation ru.isc-pedia Russian 13,051,264 0
China zh.isc-pedia Chinese 13,051,264

All languages Edit

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